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Policies and Procedures

It is our intention to provide your children the best care possible at all times and to accommodate as many requests within a feasible time frame. We ask you to take a few moments to review policies that affect the way services are provided.


In the interest of making the best use of your time and ours it is necessary to work by appointments. We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment and always call to schedule other sibling appointments in advance. Urgent needs always receive our immediate attention and may set us behind in our schedule; for this we ask your understanding and patience. To accommodate as many patients as possible we ask that no more than 2 children (well child care) be scheduled on the same day.

All patients under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to be seen or treated in our office. If you plan to have a relative or other caregiver bring your child for a visit, we require a signed form giving permission for that person to act on your behalf for medical decision making during the office visit. Please print and complete the Non-Parent/Guardian Authorization to Accompany Patient Form prior to your child's next visit.  

We are currently accepting new patients, newborns to 18 years of age. You can request an appointment by using our web page, by phone 248-281-3215 or by clicking on our Patient Portal tab.


Patients are offered any open appointment times that are available within the normal business hours and on a first come first served basis. We cannot guarantee any wait time for Work-in or walk-in patients as scheduled appointment have priority.

Late Arrivals

If you expect to be more than 15 minutes late due to unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you please call our office to let us know and discuss your options to adjust or reschedule your child's visit. In these cases, a no-show charge for the missed appointment may occur. 


If you are unable to keep your child's appointment, please notify our office 24 hours in advance. This will provide the opportunity for other patients in need of care to be seen. Patients who fail to keep or cancel their scheduled appointment will be charged a $25.00 No-Show fee. This fee is not payable by your insurance plan and will be due prior to future visits. We understand that unforeseen situations may occur, we will be happy to work with you, if you communicate with us.

In the event you are counted as a "No Show" to an appointment , we will discuss the missed appointment with you and gladly work on how to stay on schedule for better health. If there are three or more "No Show" appointments, your relationship with our practice may be terminated at which time we will send you a final bill for any outstanding balances.

Did you know?  "No Show" appointments (well child, sick, hospital and emergency room follow-up visit ) are viewed as non-compliant patients who are not following their recommended schedule to achieve better health. It is our commitment to promote and provide the highest quality of service for our patients. Excessive No-Show appointments raises financial loss and costs to the practice. Let's work together to maintain a healthier patient and successful practice. 

Insurance and Payments

We are contracted with most insurance plans.Contact your insurance provider for current coverage information or questions. Please be sure you have selected us as your designated primary care provider (PCP) if your insurance plan requires one. We require your current insurance card and valid picture ID for every office visit. Failure to provide secondary or tertiary insurance information may result in out-of-pocket expenses to the responsible party. 

Some companies pay fixed allowances for certain procedures and others pay a percentage of the charges. You should become familiar with your specific scope of coverage, exclusions, deductibles and co-payments for sick and well child visits. We must stress that financial responsibility for our service rest with the patient and his/her family, regardless of any insurance coverage. 

Did you know? Some insurance companies pay for same day sick and well child care visits. Check your coverage! 

As a parent, legal guardian or patient, you are responsible for any co-pay, deducible or outstanding balances at the time of services rendered. Payments are collected during check-in. We accept Cash, Checks, or credit card payments. Choose your payment method; in person, by phone, mail or simply log into our patient portal. We offer a flexible payment plan that will meet your needs. For details, ask to speak with our Billing Department.

Did you know? Mailing a monthly statement can cost as much $10.00. Pay on time and together we both can save. 

Prescription Refills

Contact our office for refills at least three days in advance of completing your child’s current prescription. Some prescription refills may require an authorization or office visit.


Must be approved by your child’s Primary Care Physician (PCP), allow us 3 to 5 business days prior to your child’s scheduled appointment. Provide: patient name, date of birth, insurance name and ID number, specialist name, phone and fax number, appointment date and time. Unauthorized services will result in out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Emergency Care

For emergencies, life-threatening conditions dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.


After Hours Care

To contact the physician on-call after hours and weekends please dial (248) 281-3215. and follow the prompts or press #8. Your call will be forwarded to our on-call physician. The physician will only address a medical care call. For non-medical care calls contact the office during regular business hours.

Quality of Care

To ensure the highest quality of care we ask that only the patient and parent/guardian be escorted to the exam room. Parents, who bring other children in addition to the patient, are asked to bring a responsible adult to supervise them during the patient’s examination

Email Policy

We cannot guarantee that email communication is secure and confidential, which may be a concern given the private nature of medical information. Therefore, if you choose to send or receive information via email, it is with this understanding on your part. We encourage patients to utilize the patient Portal, which provides secure means for communication between patients and our office in a timely manner. Note: Neither Email nor the Patient Portal are adequate means for urgent questions or concerns. Any response needed in less 48 hours should be addressed by calling our office directly.

Turn off cell phones in the office waiting area and examination rooms. As a courtesy to other patients and the staff, we ask that all cell phones be turned off. We reserve the right to ask that cell phones be turned completely off if we deem that it is bothering other patients or staff members in our office.

Did you know? Talking loudly and using speaker phone is annoying to patients that are not feeling well; physicians that are treating patients in other exam rooms; and office staff assisting other patients.

Use of Electronic Devices 

As a courtesy to other patients and the staff, we ask that all electronics used in the waiting room and the patient exam rooms be kept to a minimum. We reserve the right to ask that the electronics be turned completely off if we deem that it is bothering other patients or staff members in our office.

Pediatric Staff reserves the right to make changes to the office policies at any point in time. Please understand that the intent of these policies is to aid us in offering a high standard of care to our patients.